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Rishikesh Trekking

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Trekking in India is one of the most famous adventure sports, attracting trekking enthusiasts from all parts of world. In almost every part of India numerous trekking options are available. Trekking in India is the best way to explore the rugged beauty of the mountains. Indian mountains offer spectacular and enthralling trekking routes. Trekking in India takes one amidst the lofty peaks romancing the shimmering waterfalls. In addition trekking in India brings the trekkers directly in touch with the people living in mountain areas. In fact trekking amidst the high peaks of Indian mountains is a lifetime experience, where reality becomes a dream. Trekking in India consists of several trekking routes some of the most popular include.
Rishikesh Trekking Tour
Rishikesh Riverside Camp Uttarakhand
Rishikesh is the starting point for some of the great adventure tours, the place is known for its ashrams, centers of philosophical study, yoga and meditation.
Rishikesh Uttarakhand
Rishikesh is a famous tourist destination for Indian tourism. It is the starting point of some of the great adventure trekking tours of India and has several ashrams, the renowned centers of philosophical study, yoga and meditation.
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Rishikesh is enveloped by hills and offers the breathtaking environs for trekking and hiking in India. It provides opportunity for adventurous trekking tours in India.

The untamed Ganges leaves the himalayas and flows onto the plains at Rishikesh. Matching the enthusiasm of the river rapids, the trekkers hike along the Ganges. The sights of dense forests, verdant mountain slopes, meandering river and exotic flora and fauna keep the trekkers mesmerized.
Best Season
February to October.
Prime Attractions
Lakshman Jhula, Triveni Ghat, Swarga Ashram, Pipalkoti, Kalpeshwar, Bansi Narain, Manpai Dumuk, Toli, Rudranath, Panar Gufa and Gopeshwar.
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