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Mizoramis one of the youngest states in the country situated in the north-eastern part of India. Mizoram became the 23rd state of the Indian Union on 29th of February 1987. Mizoram is perched like a lone sentinel onthe tip of the north eastern border of India.Mizoram is sandwiched between Burma on the east and south, Bangladesh and Tripura in the west and Assam and Manipur to the north.

Mizoram, predominantly a Christian populated state, is towards the southern most tip of the North-Eaastern states, sharing borders with Manipur, Assam, Tripura then jutting down between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Lushai Hill District was the name given by the British. It was part of the state of Assam until it became a Union Territory in 1972. Later on it was called Mizoram.

Mizoram, a land of the Highlanders, lies in the north east corner of India. The hills with an average height of 900 mt, run in ridges from north to south. These steep hills are cut apart by rivers creating deep gorges.
Champhai, Mizoram
204 km away from Aizawl lies this sub divisional headquarter town on the Myanmar border. Offering a cool climate and a stunning view of the hills of Myanmar.
Vantawng, Mizoram
137 km away from Aizawl lies this beautiful waterfall. The highest in Mizoram, it is only 5 km away from the hill station of Thenzawl.
Tamdil, Mizoram
A natural lake 60 km from Aizawl, and 10 km from the beautiful tourist resort of Saitual village, it lies in the heart of a cool virgin forest. A dream lake that offers an ideal spot for tourist to picnic.
Capital (Aizawl), Mizoram
Aizawl, located at nearly 4,000 feet above sea -level, is a religious and cultural centre of the Mizos. Aizwal, the scenic capital of Mizoram, is dotted with quaint timber houses and a profusion of flowers. Each house has its own window box of profusely blooming orchids. The streets echo with melodies emanating from the guitars of Aizawl youth playing at nearly every street corner. Aizwal is also a religious and cultural centre of the Mizos.

Champai, Tamdil, Vantawng fall and Thenzawl are some of the other important tourist centres in this state. Champai, Tamdil, Vantawng fall and Then zawlare some of the other important tourist centres in this state. Tamdil's famerests on its natural lake; Vantawang has the highest waterfall in Mizoramand Champai offers a view of the Myanmar hills.
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