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Bundi is an attractive historical city of Rajasthan, situated just 35 km from Kota close to a contracted gorge over a mountainous terrain. Bundi is identified for only one of its kind allure and customary character. Bundi is famed for its motivating memorials and a interesting edifying heritage.

A century old baoris (step-wells). Its complicated imprinted figure and murals also make Bundi famous among travelers. Adding jointly to Bundi charm, there is a stunning lagoon in the centre of the town with a colorful bazaar.

In Rajasthan overall we can say, that Bundi is an enthralling visitor destination to be in on your journey to the beautiful state of Rajasthan in India.

Major Tourist Attractions in Bundi: Taragarh Fort, Garh Palace, Raniji Ki Baori, Sukh Mahal etc.
Taragarh Fort, Bundi
The most striking feature of the Bundi city is Taragarh Fort, which is also famous as 'Star Fort'. The imposing structure of Taragarh was constructed upon a pointed hillside in the year in 1354 AD.

The largest fortification in this fort is called as the Bhim Burj, and great field gun identified as Garbh Gunjam. The largest battelfield of Bhum Burj and the famous canon named Garbha gunjan here is a trraction for the travelers.
Garh Palace, Bundi
In Bundi Garh Palace comprises of diverse palaces, constructed by diverse rulers of the different times. If the fort is observed from the above of the hill, It seem to be like as the checkerboard.

Out of all the forts the most remarkable citadel is Chhattar Mahal, made by Rao Chhattar Sal in 1660. This fort was a soldiers retreat and not some deluxe Mughal fashion court.
Raniji Ki Baori, Bundi
It is one of Bundi's loveliest footstep wells and to be set up Just outer the aged town walls. It was built by Rani Nathavati in 1699.

The story goes that she was a junior Rani who bore her husband his first male heir, incurring the jealousy of the senior Rani. So, very diplomatically she handed her son to the senior Rani and devoted the rest of her life to the building of wells. Raniji ki Baori is nearly 165 feet deep.

You enter though a highly arched gate, flanked by curved Raniji Ki Baoripillars, and a broad flight of steps take you down to the water level. What is particularly noteworthy is the ornate torana archway under which you pass, with its frieze of carved elephants. A well such is this was an important center of the town's social and religious life in the olden days.
Sukh Mahal, Bundi
Sukh Mahal, was build under the administration era of Umed Singh’s and is positioned on the side-line of the lake Jait Sagar in Bundi. It is a pleasurable porch where Rudi yard Kipling once stayed.

Now a days Sukh Mahal transformed to an irrigation respite House. This palace in Bundi is popularly visited by nature lovers as it set amidst the grassy surroundings of an good-looking backyard.
Famous Excursions from Bundi
Kota is located by the area around the eastern bank of the Chambal River and a beautiful city in Rajasthan juat at the distance of 35 kms from Bundi. Kota among its outstanding shrines has its safe andsound wealth of impressive citadel and opulent palaces.

Created in 1838 AD, the princely state of Jhalas is a small village and is best explored by foot in the city. A horse safari on the outskirts of the Jhalawar village can be good to expereince natural wealth, flora and fauna. Jhalawar offers some of the pre-historic cave paintings, old forts, beautiful countryside and exotic wildlife.

Jait Sagar Lake
This lake is just 3 kms form Bundi. A charming lake built by Jaita Meena cribbing in the hills . In night the eddy cascade fountains is visual delight over this lake.

It is the cave place of devotion of Lord Shiva enclosed by the Aravalli ranges and at the distance of just 20 kms from Bundi.

It is also a perfect picnic spot. One can also sea some rock paintings near nearby this cave.
Best Time to Visit in Bundi
October till March is usually best time to travel to Rajasthan and Bundi due to weather conditions. October is the start of winter season which continues till March. December and January are considered to be the coldest months. April is also good time otherwise.

May-September is normally rainy season in Northern parts of the country. Please consult your travel agent or write to Max Holidays India for more information.
How to reach Bundi?
By Air - The nearest International and domestic airport is Jaipur which is around 220 kms from Bundi. Jaipur airport is very well connected by the rest of the Country.

By Rail -To reach Bundi by train you get the trains from Agra, Kota, Chittaurgarh and Varanasi.

By Road - By road there is the frequent bus service from Jaipur and Kota. Main distances from bundi are Jaipur 220 kms, Kota 35 kms, Ajmer 167 kms, Udaipur 280 kms, Delhi 465 kms.
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