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Khimsar, Rajasthan, India

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At a distance of 92 kms from Jodhpur (at the Jodhpur - Bikaner highway), is a small place called Khimsar. Touirsts visiting Rajasthan must take out some time to visit this extremely enchanting place which was founded by a scion of the Jodhpur House.

There is some confusion regarding its status with the Jaipur House claiming that the village was a part of Jodhpur Royality and the Thakur of Khimsar claiming otherwise. The Thakurs claim that even Emperor Aurengzeb visited this small place and also saw their famous ancestrol fort.

Khimsar is a small place, so not many attractions can be found within the place itself. However, its strategic location ensures that tourists visiting this place have enough to see and do on their vacations.

Major Tourist Attractions in Khimsar: Khimsar Fort etc.
Khimsar Fort, Khimsar
Khimsar fort is the most prominenet attraction in this small place and beholds the visitors with its grandeur. It was originally built by Prince Karamasi in 1523 to providee protection to the small village from the invaders. With time, the importance of this fort increased and new wings were added to it.

The royal family moved to this fort in the 18th century by constructing a women’s wing. Today, the fort has been converted into a heritage hotel, though a part of it is still occupied by Thakur Onkar Singh, the heirs of Prince Karamasi. He, too added a royal wing for his personal use. This 450 year old fort is one of the best fort to visit in Rajasthan.
Famous Excursions from Khimsar
Around 27 kms from Khimsar is another small place called Osian. This place is worth visiting because of the plethora of ancient temples it houses. These temple that are basically Hindu and Jain were built between the period of eighth and eleventh century. The most prominent of these temples are Sachhiyamata Temple and the Jain Temples. The Jain temples, especially have been well maintained in sharp contrast to the Hindu temples that seems to have been forgotten by the local authorities.

Alittle around 43 kms seperates Khimsar from another attractive destination called Nagaur. Tourists can visit the Nagaur fort which was built in the 2nd century. Apart from this fort there is also the Tarkeen dargah (regarded by Muslims and Sufis as second most sacred Dargah after Ajmer), a Jain Temple (built of glass) and a samadhi os a revered saint for tourists to visit.

However, what makes this small place famous is the cattle fair that brings together thousands of people who wish to either buy or sell their camels, bullocks or horses. Cofining within its small area, a huge number of attractions, Nagaur is a must visit for all those who visit Rajasthan.
How to reach Khimsar?
By Air - The nearest airport is the Jodhpur airport which is 92 kms away. Flights connect Jodhpur to other major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and Mumbai.

By Rail - The nearest railway station to reach Khimsar is in Jodhpur.

By Road - Roads connect Khimsar to Jaipur (330 kms), Ajmer, Jodhpur (92 kms), Bikaner or Jaisalmer (302 kms). Delhi is 528 kms from Khimsar. Nagaur which is 4o kms away has a bus depot.
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