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Mandawa, Rajasthan, India

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Mandawa is located in the north Indian state of Rajasthan and is arround 190 km from the capital city Jaipur. This small town was set up in 18th century by the dominant merchant families of this area. Its forts, havelies & baolis are the major tourist attractions of this area which reminds the cultural richness.

Major Tourist Attractions in Mandawa: Castle Mandawa, Havelis - Gulab Rai Wadia Haveli, Binsidhar Newatia Haveli, Chowkhadi Haveli, Goenka Double haveli etc.
Castle Mandawa, Mandawa
This fort built in 1755 has two gateways and has several havelies with rooms, narrow staircases, courtyards & terrace inside it which is now converted in to a heritage hotel.
Havelis, Mandawa
There are several havelis like the Gulab Rai Wadia Haveli, Binsidhar Newatia Haveli, Chowkhadi Haveli, Goenka Double haveli etc. with some beautiful murals.
Famous Excursions from Mandawa
This is situated 37 km south of Mandawa and is famous for its forts, havelies. Some of the major sights including the havelis of Anandi Lal Poddar, Aath Haveli, Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli, Bhagton ki Haveli etc.

This is a small village located 25 km from Mandawa and is famous for its forts & havelies like the Kanoria & Ganeriwala. Also there are several temples including the Shiv temple, Gopinath temple and Venu Gopal temple.

This is situated 30 km southeast of Mandawa and has several tourist places including the Jagathia Haveli, Satyanarayana Temple, Goenka Havelis with beautiful frescoes. The major attraction of this area is the Dundload Fort & Palace.
Best Time to Visit in Mandawa
Mandawa experiences an extreme climate with extreme hot in summer and cold in winter. During summers the maximum temperature goes up to 40.5 degrees C and in winter the minimum temperature can fall below to 10 degrees C.

The annual rainfall in a year is arround 45 to 60 cm and the ideal time to visit the place is in winter i.e. between October to March.
How to reach Mandawa?
By Air - The nearest charter airport is Jhunjhunu & Jaipur is the nearest airport for regular flights.

By Rail - Jhunjhunu is the nearest rail head which is connected with Delhi, Jaipur & other major cities of Rajasthan.

By Road - Mandawa is well conected to other places of Rajasthan by private & government buses.
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