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Nalanda, Bihar, India

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A chronological fact shows that Nalanda was a immense Buddhist centre of learning.

Today also Nalanda is a fraction of the Buddhist circuit, i.e. It is one of the major destination that be linked among the existence of Lord Buddha. Nalanda be obliged its name to a naga (serpent) who survived in a tank. Nalanda is known as the antique place of learning as the World's most very old University lies in devastate which is 62 kms far from Bodhgaya.

Many temples and monasteries are constructed over here by Ruler Ashoka. While the Buddha stayed in Nalanda numerous times throughout his lifetime, then also for the period of 5th-12th centuries this well-known centre of Buddhist education explosion to recognition much later.

Major Tourist Attractions in Nalanda: Nalanda University, Surya Mandir, Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, Nav Nalanda Vihar etc.
Nalanda University, Nalanda
The total area covered by Nalanda University is about 14 hectares. This university is constructed in the Kushayan fashion of structural design with red bricks having the remainder display rows of monasteries, hostels and classrooms, even though a great fraction of the campus still desires to be excavated.

The university library had a massive gathering of nine million books. Nalanda University is this first housing global university of the world, in which more then 2,000 teachers and 10,000 students from all over the Buddhist humanity live and study here.
Surya Mandir, Nalanda
In Nalanda it is a temple close to the University devoted to the Sun God. This temple has a numeral of sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities. In this temple there is a five feet elevated figure of Parvati which is thing of meticulous interest.

Surya mandir as measured as one of the most important traveller magnetism of Nalanda.
Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, Nalanda
In Nalanda this hall was constructed in the recollection of Hiuen Tsang, who was the Chinese traveller and hang here about for 12 years both as a scholar and a teacher. He had recognized full and vibrant images of the Indian supporting and communal circumstances of those times.
Nav Nalanda Vihar, Nalanda
In Nalanda this vihar was put up in 1951 in an attempt to remain the custom of distribution of acquaintance alive. The students from diverse fraction of the nation who are interested to investigate on Buddhism and Pali creative writing are study over here.
Famous Excursions from Nalanda
Rajgir City
Rajgir is 12 Km far from Nalanda and is a famed pilgrimage centre for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, and is well known for Shanti Stupa. While going to Rajgir from Nalanda en root there is a small village Silao, which is well-known for the local sweet, khaja.

Bodh Gaya
Bodh is 50 kms away from Nalanda and It is one of the best holy places for the Buddhists as the people of Buddhists community from all above the globe come to Bodh Gaya to discover this holy place. Gautam Buddha, the originator of Buddhism, accomplished enlightenment at Bodh Gaya beneath the Bodhi Tree. At the side of this Bodhi Tree, there are additional seats of attention such as the Mahabodhi Temple, which have a enormous sculpture of Lord Buddha.

Bihar Sharif
Bihar Shrif is situated 13 kilometers far from Nalanda and on one occasion was the capital of the Muslim council of Bihar between 13th and 16th centuries. Bihar Sharif is the residence of the vault of Malik Ibrahim Vaya. It is a fine-looking tomb created on top of the rocky hill, there is a also a Hanuman Mandir at Badi Pahari, and jail of Jacaranda are a further main sightseer magnetism at Bihar Sharif.
Best Time to Visit in Nalanda
Between October to March is the best time to visit Nalanda.
How to reach Nalanda?
By Air - The adjacent airport to Nalanda is the Patna which is positioned at a coldness of 89 kilometers. Patna is very well connected by the different flights from all parts of the country.

By Rail - The nearest railway station to the Nalanda is Rajgir which is 12 kms from Nalanda. And to Rajgir there is usual and wide-ranging train services are accessible to all parts of the country.

By Road - As part of improvement transport and admittance to Nalanda, the state government has preserved a high-quality set-up of motor able roads. Nalanda can be attained from all the main cities like Patna, Rajgir, and Bodhgaya, by a sequence of fine upholded roads.
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