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Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Ujjain is one of the oldest and ancient town of India situated on the bank of sacred river Shipra in the central India state of Madhya Pradesh.

Ujjain is a sacred place for Hindus because of one of the twelve shrine of Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is situated here. After every twelve years, Kumbh Mela one of the greatest religious congregation of the Hindus held in this sacred city.

During the 4th century, Ujjain was known as Avantika which was rules by the King’s Ashoka Father. Before Mauryan Empire, the Sungas dynasty and Satavahanas dynasty ruled the area. One of the famous poets Kalidasa who wrote Meghdoot with its famous lyrical description of the city and its people during the rule of Chandragupta II. The other great poet Kalidasa describe the Ujjain city “The town fallen from heaven to bring heaven on earth". From 6th to 7th century, Ujjain was also the main centre of Mathematics and astronomical research and the legend like Brahmagupta (Great mathematician who discovered Zero), Varahamihir, and Bhaskaracharya was born here.

Before Indian independence, Ujjain remained part of Gwalior state. Ujjain is the holiest place for Hindus and Ujjain has a numerous number of temples spread in each part of the city. As far as weather is concerned, the climate is very hot is summers and very cold during winters. Visitors planning to visit Ujjain are advise to carry light cotton clothes during summer and woolen clothes during winter.

In simple words, Ujjain is a traveller’s dream destination.

Major Tourist Attractions in Ujjain: Mahakaleshwar Temple, Harsiddhi Temple, Vikram Kirti Mandir, Chintaman Ganesh, Bhartrihari Caves etc.
Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain
Mahakaleshwara temple is most important sacred shrine in Ujjain and its description is also mentioned by the great poet Kalidasa in his work. It is the most visited tourist temple in India like other 12 Jyotirlingas dedicated to lord Shiva (destroyer of the Universe) and the Linga is self manifested which is only found in 12 places in India.

The Shiva linga is worshipped all over India because it is symbolized as Shiva’s incarnate power on earth. The temple has a main idol of Omkareshwara Shiva and it is also admire for the exquisitely carving images of Ganesh, Parvati, Kartikeya and Shiva’s Bull, Nandi.
Harsiddhi Temple, Ujjain
It is a ancient shrine in Ujjain dedicated to Goddess Annapurna (fulfiller of all human wishes) and the temple enshrines a dark colored idol of Goddess Annapurna in the centre and in the left and right side, idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswathi enshrined. The symbol of power, Shri Yantra is also enshrined in the temple.

During Maratha period, the temple was re-designed and Maratha’s fine architecture can be seen on the falls and pillars of the temple. The word Harisiddhi often described in Hindi where Hari means lord Vishnu and Siddhi means success.
Vikram Kirti Mandir, Ujjain
Vikram Kirti Mandir is actually a cultural centre having a archeological museum and an art Gallery. The mandir also has a Scindia Oriental Research Institute.

The mandir was built in the memory of King Vikramaditya who was much honored king known for its justice in the world.
Chintaman Ganesh, Ujjain
The Temple is situated in the middle of the market and it was built between 11th and 12th century A.D. when Malwa (Madhya Pradesh) was ruled by Paramaras.

The temple has a unbelievable history as it is believed that the Ganesh Idol enshrined in this temple is self manifested means it is not manmade and the Idol was created by Lord himself.
Bhartrihari Caves, Ujjain
Bhartrihari Caves is situated near Gadkalika Temple just above the bank of river Shipra River and it is believed to be the spot where the step mother of Vakramaditya Bhartrihari have lived and meditated here.

It is also supposed to be the places where she had written Shringarshataka, Vairagyashataka, and Nitishataka.
Famous Excursions from Ujjain
Indore City
Indore is located just 45 kms from Ujjain. It is not only historically important city but it is also a financial and technological capital of India because from last few years, many industries have been set up there so it is a Industrial city also. It serves as a base camp for the visitors as Indore has a Good rail network and Domestic airport also. The major attractions in Indore are the temples, monuments and also the magnificent palaces such as Lal Baag Palace, Bada Ganpati, Kanch Mandir, Central Museum etc.

Mandu City
Mandu is situated 152 km from the town. The ancient town Mandu is located at an height of 2,000 ft also known as the town of stone. Due to its location, it serves as a natural defense barrier from any foreign attack. The places to see in Mandu are Jain Temple, Mosque of Dilawar Khan, Jajaz Mahal, Taj-ul-Masjid, Shaukat Mahal, Rupmati's Pavilion, and Hindola Mahal, which tell the stories of the kings and queens of the region.

Dewas City
36 km from the Ujjain, Dewas is situated at the foot hill of the Chamunda hill. The city, Dewas, literally means the abode of god which was founded in the 18th century. The most visited tourist place is the shrine of Devi Chamunda situated at a hilltop. It is also a home of some big companies like Ranbaxy and Tata International so it is a industrial town as well.

Ratlam City
Ratlam is situated just 21 kms from Ujjain. The Town is known for its Asia’s largest cactus garden which has a 1,205 species of cacti.
How to reach Ujjain?
By Air - The nearest airport is at Indore which is 55 km away and is well connected by air to Bhopal, Bombay, Delhi and Gwalior.

By Rail - Ujjain is an important railway station on the Western Railway network and connected with most of the major cities in India.

By Road - Ujjain are well connected by good motorable roads with Ahmedabad (402 km), Bhopal (183 km), Bombay (655 km), Delhi (774 km), Gwalior (451 km), Indore (53 km), Khajuraho (570 km), Mandu (158 km).
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